Nakhodka Trade Sea Port became a participant in the project for the development of the Northern Sea Route. The port acted as a transit platform for reloading metal structures and mechanisms for the Rooppur NPP (Bangladesh) under construction.


Nakhodka Sea Port’s environmental management system received certificate of compliance with 14001 international standards.


On September 4, 2019, Nakhodka Marine Trade Port CEO Vladimir Grigoriev joined the Environmental Aspects of Coal Transfer in the Far East discussion panel at the 5th Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok. This event resulted in a resolution to establish an industry environmental association to supervise the implementation of the President of Russia’s decrees to ensure that the environmental conditions support health and well-being of the residents of the Russian Far East.


In summer 2019, Nakhodka Marine Trade Port started the construction of treatment facilities at its terminals.  Overall investments in this project will exceed 1 billion rubles.


Nakhodka Marine Trade Port received a new harbor tag that will become the third tugboat in its fleet. The purchase of the new tugboat is a part of Nakhodka MTP modernization program.


Nakhodka Marine Trade Port received a positive State Environmental Assessment of its documentation on the “Feasibility study of operations in internal waters and territorial sea of the Russian Federation”. Southern Federal District authority of Rosprirodnadzor issued a compliance certificate valid for 5 years.


Nakhodka Trade Sea Port reported the progress of its comprehensive technology upgrade program focused on implementing the most environmentally friendly cargo transfer technologies.


In the fall of 2018, Nakhodka Trade Sea Port CEO Vladimir Grigoriev went to Japan to visit two major steelmaking and coke manufacturing companies, Kobe Steel and Kansai Coke and Chemicals. During the visit, Japanese partners shared their best practices in dust suppression and the use of the best available environmental protection technologies with Nakhodka port executive.


The Clean Seas Environmental Foundation presented the results of the independent audit of environmental protection initiatives of Nakhodka Trade Sea Port


Nakhodka Trade Sea Port completed the installation of a video surveillance system across all its cargo transfer sites.


At the opening day of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Nakhodka Trade Sea Port CEO Vladimir Grigoriev participated in the Port Infrastructure: New Investor Opportunities panel discussion.


Nakhodka Trade Sea Port commissioned the Clean Seas Environmental Foundation to evaluate the efficiency of its dust suppression and air protection initiatives taking place in the coal storage and cleaning areas. The environmental audit meets the requirements of GOST R 14000 standard. Expert findings will be presented by July 31, 2018.


Nakhodka Trade Sea Port continues the installation of steel support guards to shape coal stacks and prevent coat spills into the harborage during strong precipitation.


Nakhodka Trade Sea Port signed an agreement with the Russian Ministry of Transport, the Federal Service for Environmental Control, the Government of Primorsky Krai and Rosmorport during St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.


Nakhodka Trade Sea Port is going to build a modern industrial water discharge and treatment system. This large-scale project will improve the port’s rainwater discharge and sewage system. The key objective of this 750-million-ruble project is to eliminate the discharge of waste into the harborage.


Nakhodka Trade Sea Port started the installation of two new environmental protection facilities at Cape Astafiev. These are wind and dust screens, and a stationary dust suppression system. The port will invest more than 150 million rubles in these projects.


Nakhodka Trade Sea Port launched the environmental protection initiatives included in the Cooperation Agreement with the Government of Primorsky Krai. Port CEO Vladimir Grigoriev made this announcement at the three-way meeting with city officials and the residents of Cape Astafiev.


Nakhodka Trade Sea Port is working on an R&D project to build a stationary dust suppression system. The port will invest around thirty million rubles in this project as per its environmental program.


Nakhodka Trade Sea Port installed two unique dust monitors. State-of-the-art measurement systems will help the port to organize internal air quality monitoring. They were purchased under the port’s dust suppression program.