Safety of all employees and maximum comfort of every workplace are core priorities for Nakhodka Marine Trade Port.

Our key H&S objective is zero workplace injuries. “No work should start unless it’s safe” is a rule embedded in the Health and Safety Policy of Nakhodka Marine Trade Port.

We provide special outerwear and footwear, as well as other personal protective equipment, cleaning and neutralizing agents free of charge to our employees to minimize their impact of occupational hazards on their health.

It is strictly prohibited to be on site under influence of alcohol or controlled substances. All entry control points are equipped with breathalyzers. Employees authorized to operate vehicles and lifting equipment are also subject to pre-shift and post-shift alcohol testing by medical personnel on duty. Employees who fail the tests are not allowed to work.

Port infrastructure includes a range of amenities, including dining rooms, medical rooms, recreational amenities and first aid kits.

Our technical personnel undergo mandatory health screenings at initial acceptance and regular checkups further on to ensure they are fit to work and prevent the development of occupational diseases.

Safety of on-site contractors is a crucial component of the occupational health and safety system of Nakhodka Marine Trade Port. All contractor agreements include H&S provisions for contractor employees at the same level as for our own employees.

Port management holds regular educational meetings with employees to promote safe workplace behaviors and address potential issues.

We also monitor our work environment on a regular basis and conduct special workplace evaluations, risk identification and assessment, employee health data analysis and other activities.

Regular assessments of industrial safety initiatives are the key to continuous improvement of our H&S programs.